Qus 1:- In which way "OnlineDewas.com" helps you?

Ans:-"OnlineDewas.com" helps the people to visit Dewas city at its best level. This site gives you complete information about Dewas like Temples, Banks,Industries and also near by places of Dewas.


Qus 2:- Is "OnlineDewas.com" beneficial for "Business" purpose?

Ans:- Yes,"OnlineDewas.com" is very beneficial for "Business" purpose because it provide the various knowledge about Banks,Industries.There are many industries placed in Dewas that are very useful from business point of view.


Qus 3:- Which Highway crosses the Dewas city?

Ans:- "NH3(National Highway 3)" crosses the Dewas city.

Qus 4:- Is Dewas a district?

Ans:- Yes,Dewas is a larger district than Indore.


Qus 5:-How many Tehsil does Dewas have?

Ans:- There are 6 Tehsils in Dewas they are Sonkatch, Dewas, Bagli, Kannod, Tonk-Khurd and Khategaon.


Qus 6:- For what Dewas is famous for?

Ans:- Dewas is famous for the "Tekri Mandir" which is situated on the hill.