Smt.Sushila Bodade

Smt. Sushila Bodade's painting a thing of beauty is joy forever, this romantic attitude towards life goes to Sushila Bodade. In all her paintings the banks of Tapti and Purna (the mountain rivers near lchchapur) create a reminiscent impression. The creation is highly imaginative which gives the viewer an exposure to nature's huge and unbounded scope. There is a melody of waterfall on rocks. A visual which takes us to these banks. We really flow with rises watching one to other painting. 
Sushila never tires of painting this landscape, as she wants to perpetuate until she exhausts its limits. She delights in giving shape to the smallest stone and the rivulet that trickles off rocky formation. The figures that appear are females working around. She strongly emphasizes the protest that it is always ladies working hard. Shoulder to shoulder with men, and are still deprived of their rights. By moving round the series by her we find that she has a selective paletteOne of the most famous classical musicians in India was undoubtedly Pandit Kumar Gandharva. His real name was Shivaputra Siddharamayya Komkali. Pandit Kumar Gandharva was born on 8th April, 1924 in a place called Dharwad located in Karnataka. The most unique thing about him was that he refused to be tied down by any kind of Gharana and believed in being innovation and trying out his own new styles. The life history of Pandit Kumar Gandharva is truly fascinating. Read this short biography of Pt. Kumara Gandharv.

Her paintings move us when we flow with them as to how difficult life it would be for the people living there. The barrenness captures our mind. The dull impressions are specific notes in all her paintings. She has worked with oil on paper in contrast to her husband who uses oil on canvas. Sushila in her paintings mainly uses two color schemes, one leaning more to warm colors and the other maintaining a cold color approach. Her compositional and color strength is eye catching. Her paintings are down to earth, smelling of soil she once walked over in childhood 
She has been awarded in Dr. Wakankar Smriti Chitra Kala Exhibition, Ujjain. And Chitra Kala Exhibition, Harssod M.P. She is having her collection at Hotel Regency Hyatt, New Delhi, Abroad Picture Mumbai, L.T.G. Art Gallery, New Delhi, Appolo Tyres New Delhi. Hero Cycles, Ludhiana and Private Collection in Bhopal, Indore, New Delhi, Calcutta, Koria, U.S.A. & Shingapur consoler, Dhumimal Art Centre, New Delhi, Arushi Art Gallery, New Delhi, Suns Touch Art Gallery Mumbai

School of Excellence

School of Excellence or Narayan vidhya Mandir Number -02 is the Best Government School of All Madhaya Pradesh. That is the real Proud of Dewas.Narayan vidhya Mandir Number -02 is Stablished in 2002 as School of Excellence. The School of Excellence is the first Government school on all madhaya pradesh which is honoured by AN INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATON "ISO-9001:2000".That Shows School of Excllence is real Proud of dewas.

Mahendra Singh Solanki

Mahendra Singh Solanki born in 1969 at Dewas. Nature enchanted Mahendra not only with its exotic myriad colors but also with the dried and withered leaves and flowers which had lost all their freshness and all their beauty and this resulted into the creation of nature collage. It proves that everybody can perceive the beauty visible to eyes but only an artist goes beyond that and that vision is exactly what makes him an artist, a creator. His creative intellect/instinct feeds on withered flowers and leaves and that is what he invokes his Muse with. People step on dried leaves, flowers and hay failing to see the beauty, hidden or otherwise, which finds expression in Mahendra's nature collage.He worships nature in all its form. Having had a solo exhibition `Vision' at Devlalikar Kala Vithika, Indore and having participated in group shows at M.P. Kala Parishad and Vakankar Smriti State Exhibition.
His collage are full of natural beauty and purely natural are they. No artificial colors are used and yet all their dull and muted colors have a splendor that defies the vivid brightness of other mediums. The collage may not dazzle with its extra brilliance or sharp colors but is sure does have a soothing effect, it delights. In dismal times like ours, Mahendra's nature collage is an earnest attempt to reestablish man's relationship with nature. He is having his collections at Late Pt. Kumar Gandharva, Dewas, Tata Holset Ltd., Dewas, D. Concept Advertising, Bombay, Private Collection, Bombay, Banglore, Pune, Indore, U.S.A. Germany

Prof. Nayeem

Prof. Nayeem a well known poet and sculipturist was born on 1st April 1935, At Fatepur (Hata), Distt. Damoh (M.P.). His Poetic Collections are "Pathrai Aankhen" ,"Batoon Hi Batoon Mein" and his poetry being published since 1959 in almost all the Hindi publications of India. His has won many awards on poetry can be summarized as "Dushyant Award" on first poetic collection "Pathrai Aankhen" by MP Sahitya Parishad and "Shreshtha Kala Acharya" by Madhuban Bhopal
38 Years of journey with poetry, getting published in almost all the Hindi publications of India, Prof. Nayeem put into use another medium - wood carving, besides paper-penning. Since 1994 transfiguring wood to create visual expressions of his poetic thoughts. His sculptures have the intensity of poetry, the ' nav-rasaas' may been seen distributed evenly in different works. The liberated forms, infinite height, the completeness brings fore the poetic attitude, whereas the broad gestures and the fine carving represent the presence of medium- requirement - knack in the poet.