Gates of Dewas                        

     These are proud of the Dewas.



Khivni Sanctuary

Khivni Sanctuary is established in the year 1955. The area of reserved forest is 115.320 sq. km. and of protected forest is 16.678 and total forest area is 132.778 There are around 1 Lion, 8 Leopards, 70 Sambhar, 275 Cheetal, 163 Neelgay, 45 Chinkara and 75 Bhendki according to 1999 census.The animals found in the Dewas state are the same as those elsewhere in Central India.

The larger kinds Tigers are practically never meet with, there being no jungle affording suitable cover. Leopards are seen occasionally in the hills. Of deer, the Sambhar (Cervus unicolor) frequents the hills by Raghogarh (S.B.), while the smaller species of deer, the blackbuck (Antelope, Cervi Capre) and Chinkara (Gazella benetii) are to be seen everywhere. The usual birds and fishes occur throughout the state.

Approach Road: From Astha through Kannod Road and From Indore-Harda road via Kannod-Astha Road.

Kavadiya Hills

These hills are made of lacks of stone pillars which are of various shapes i.e. triangular, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal etc. There are seven hills of the same type. It appears that these stones are man made because they appear to be minutely carved by a human being, but in reality, it is a creation of Volcano irruption.
It may vary well considered as the eighth wonder of the World.

On striking these stone pillars sounds like metal pillars. According to the Hindu mythology, it is considered that during Mahabharat period these structures were created by the "Great Bheem" to check the way of river Narmada to fulfill a vow within a day, but Bheem could not do it and since then these stones pillars are lying there. It is about 10 k.m. from Bagli H.Q. near Dharaji.

Pawar Chatris

The Chattries of Dewas impress us with its massive, powerful presence of Maratha architecture near the Meetha talab looks very attractive. This Chattries is indeed a statement of Pawar kings. What is more, the artifice, variety, esoleric and antique elusion in the place do suggest a successful baroque attempt to boost royal and civic pride.

The faced of Chateries influences us overwhelmingly with its massive, powerful presence, while inside we are transported into a decorative world of muted extravagance and fantasy. The overbearing impression, as we leave Chattries, is of a gentle phenomenal with a serve, rather forbidding external presence, concealing a jubilant, ever-playful heart within.

Gidya khoh

Malwa region is full of natural beauty and historical places. It is colorful, cultural and environment always attracted the scholar, historian, and tourists. The villages and natural places of Dewas are making a way for peaceful forest journey. There is an ancient place in the tribal area, known as Khudel Devta. On every Poornima (Full moon) and Amawasya (Lunar Conjunction), the tribes gather here to pay homage to the idols of KHUDEL DEVTA and to enjoy fall.

Gidya Khoh is a beautiful combination of man and nature. It is situated on Indore-Nemawar Road and 9 K.M. away from Double Chowki. There is a spectacular waterfall surrounded by an attractive green valley. From the top of the hill, 600 feet smoky fluent flow of water just recalls the memory of Bhedaghat of Jabalpur. A number of tourists come here in the rainy season for enjoying natural beauty, which is free from pollution.

Dhara Ji

Dharaji is a place of religious, historic and of tourist interest. Which is located on the bank of Narmada, situated in the Dharaji village of Bagli tahsil. Narmada creates a beautiful waterfall hear. Lacks of people gather here two times a year on Amawasya, with a faith in their mind that this place has the mystical power to relieve a person from Evil powers. The pindies of lord Shiva (Shivlings) are found here are considered so pious that it does not require "Pran Pratishtha" before installing in a worship place.

Meetha Talab / Bada Talab

Dewas Arena

Dewas Ghanta Ghar / Shukravariya Haat

Subhash Chok Ghanta Ghar